Lost Spirits of Kael sends a shiver down our spine

I logged into the Pixels for Breakfast Twitter account this afternoon and Rablo Games were said “hey guys, check out this super sweet trailer for our game Lost Spirits of Kael.” So I did, and damn was it ever so glorious.

Lost Spirits of Kael – Trailer from Rablo Games on Vimeo.

While it may look like a water colour paining that has come to life, Lost Spirits of Kael is actually an action-RPG where players find themselves lost in a mysterious forest as they search for their way home. The game will have a heavy emphasis on ambiance, which if this trailer is anything to go by, they are certainly going to nail it.

Rablo Games are looking for funding, yet are choosing to buck the Kickstarter trend. Instead the developer has uploaded the in-development OST to his bandcamp profile. Users can support the development by purchasing the music, which is certainly a novel approach.

We’re going to try and catch up with Rablo Games to find out a little more about Lost Spirits of Kael.