First playable Star Citizen module launches next week

Star Citizen will open its doors for the first time next Thursday with a playable module for backers of their exceptionally successful Kickstarter campaign.

The module, a small portion of the final content, will grant players the possibility to navigate a fully-fledged spaceship hangar using an avatar. The hangar will be split into three tiers, one of which can be explored with a buggy (yes, it’s big.). Those who have pledged for space ships will be able to enter and examine their ship and enjoy the view from their cockpit, though the ship itself can’t take off.

The release is the first of many planned in the upcoming months. A dogfighting module, where backers will confront other AI ships in an enclosed area is due before the end of the year. A planetside module is due out next March. The Star Citizen Team will give backers different aspects of the game with each module released, so be on the look out for more to come!