The Brief

The Brief – ChronoBlade Beta

For someone like me who grew up playing the Ninja Turtles Arcade, a classic in every sense of the word, it comes as no surprise that I find myself intrigued and excited by the potential seen in ChronoBlade, a new action RPG that makes many old school cues and dolls them up new school style.

Simply put, consider ChronoBlade as a combination of Final Fight and Streets of Rage with a healthy dose of Diablo. That’s no surprise, since some of the team out of nWay Inc. includes former Diablo II crew members among many other past hits.

Aurok_AsgardYou’ll build up your chosen hero from one of two classes (with more to come over time), with plenty of RPG progression and skill trees, weaponry, armour and all the usual options you would expect. You then progress from one level to the next, brawling your way through countless enemies, critters and a boss or two.

For the purpose of a beta, ChronoBlade is still wonderfully polished, with plenty of colour and detail within the landscapes and the characters. It’s still a little rough around the edges of course, all games at this stage of development are, but you can see the potential.

For a brawler, the keyboard controls are also rather efficient, though I must stress that the beta is currently on Facebook. Whether the game is as smooth on other platforms upon release is up in the air, though it will be interesting to see how ChronoBlade plays on a tablet or touch screen device.

There’s some bugs that need ironing out but the experience as it stands now is rather rewarding. There’s plenty of content, the action comes think and fast and the RPG elements are well designed. If I had one real gripe, it’s the fact that I can’t get into my inventory during play, instead you have to wait until the end of the level. Unless I’m missing something, of course.

You can check the ChronoBlade Beta right now on Facebook. It’s free to play so why not give it a go!