Just The Tip

Just The Tip – Saints Row IV

I’ve never played the Saints Row series before. Every time I think of Volition’s over-the-top sandbox crime world, I imagine giant dildos slapping people in the face. That’s not my kind of game, and I usually steer clear of the series at every mention.

Yet everyone says I should enjoy Saints Row IV. By all accounts I really should. It’s a farce of The Matrix, still one of my favourite movies, and after so much seriousness in the games I’ve been playing, maybe I needed an escape.

So here’s Just The Tip of Saints Row IV.

Too long, didn’t watch? It was ridiculous and didn’t really challenge me in the first 40 minutes, but I walked away with some curiosity. I’ll continue playing the game and see how I feel, but at the same time it didn’t do that much to grab my attention.

Let me know how you have been finding your experience with Saints Row IV so far in the comments.