Pendragon is a tale for the ages

Pendragon is a tale for the ages

Written and hosted by Steve Heller

Pendragon is a turn-based strategy game set against the backdrop of the tale of King Arthur. Camelot has fallen, the knights of the round table have scattered to various corners of the dilapidated world, and King Arthur is on a suicide mission at Camlann to vanquish Sir Mordred and his oppressive forces.

You are tasked to move across an ever sprawling map of Britain, moving from town to town, forest to marsh, trying to make it to Camlann in time to help your King survive and restore peace to the land. Whether you make it there in one piece however, that’s for the god’s to decide.

Pendragon is an interesting mashup of tactics, board games, roguelikes and narrative exploration. Everything in Pendragon has a decision and a reaction attached to it, which is ultimately why I really enjoyed it. It’s a lot lighter than your XCOMs or your Fire Emblems, but it has a wit and a charm that drip feeds an interesting narrative to you every step of the way.

Pendragon is available now via Steam.