What is Call of the Sea?

What is Call of the Sea?

Written and hosted by Steve Heller

When it comes to first person narrative adventures, players are spoilt for choice. There’s the trailblazing Gone Home, the deeply moving What Remains of Edith Finch, the heady and esoteric The Stanley Parable, and lets not forget about the phenomenal Firewatch.

Suffice to say, to stand out in the genre these days you need to deliver something special. So today I’m answering  – what is Call of the Sea?

Call of the Sea has me intrigued. I usually bounce off puzzle games hard because my small brain becomes frustrated too easily, but the story has me hooked. I’m intrigued to get some answers, to find Harry, and to see how these dreams are tied to what could turn out to be a forbidden island of sorts. While there’s nothing genre defining or mind-bendingly different about Call of the Sea, it’s really nailing the theme and I’m excited to see where it goes. I’m only one hour in, but at this rate I can definitely see myself continuing to pick away at its beautiful island until I uncover its secrets, and who knows, I may even do a review when all is said and done.

Call of the Sea is available now on Xbox and PC, and is featured on Xbox Game Pass for both platforms. You can also check out Call of the Sea on Steam.